Tuesday, December 30, 2008

too old for her, part 1

I was 25 and had just graduated from college. I still lived with Jason, my college roommate of the past two years. We were both working entry level positions for an insurance company and living in a house his parents owned. We were busy during the week, and on weekends his younger sister would come stay with us. Her name was Hannah, she was 18, and while the three of us played video games she'd move one of her hands over my penis anytime her brother was paying too much attention to the game. 

Jason suspected she and I were up to something. One day before work he said, "I think you're an alright guy, but I don't want you doing anything with my sister." 


"Do we really need to get into this?" He said. "You're too old for her." 

"Only seven years..." 

"Seven years too old." He said. "Just don't, or I'll have my parents evict you." 

A few weeks went by. Hannah continued to come over. We'd talk, play video games, and when she would go to put her hand over my penis, I'd cross my legs and not say anything. After awhile, she got the message. 

Then everything changed. 

Jason got a new position that required him to travel nearly every weekend. I thought this meant Hannah would stop coming by. I was wrong. 

The first weekend Jason left she came by. We pretended this wasn't weird, and started playing a game. A few minutes in and she started unzipping my pants. "Your brother said I'm too old for you." I said. 

"I know." She said. "He said the same thing to me. I think I know how to fix that though." 

"How?" I said. 

"Just trust me." She said and smiled. 

An hour later I was getting out of the shower and found dinner waiting for me. Hannah was wearing only an apron and made me kiss her exposed ass before I could eat what she'd made. She took a napkin and stuffed it into my shirt collar as a bib then cut the meat up into small portions. After this she spoon fed me pudding. All during this, she stroked the inside of my thighs while she talked about how she made this meal special for me. 

An hour after dinner, while we were watching a movie, it happened. I wet myself. Worse still, I could feel that I was about to poop too. I got up quickly, but she gently grabbed my hand and shushed my gasps of embarrassment and she made me sit on the floor. She patted my head as she walked past me and went for her duffle bag. As she did this I sat on the ground wetting and pooping myself. I almost began to cry. 

From her bag, Hannah pulled out adult sized diapers, a pink tee shirt, a towel, and baby wipes. She moved me onto the towel, pulled down my pants, and began cleaning up my mess. I began sobbing. "It's okay baby. This is why I came to babysit you." She put a diaper between my legs and taped it up. "See, you're not too old for me at all." She took my shirt off and put me in the pink tee shirt. I looked down and saw myself diapered, and in pink. I would have started crying again, but she put a pacifier in my mouth and put a hand down my diaper.